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On December 19, , Saturn enters Capricorn, ushering us into a new era of restraint.

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A lot of people fear Saturn. This is the planet of rules, structure, maturity, and practicality. Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn, an earth sign that prioritizes ambition, accomplishment, organization, and efficiency. Saturn is coming home. In Capricorn, it can exert its power perfectly. It can do what it needs to do without restriction. Saturn in Capricorn will be very different from Capricorn in Sagittarius, which we have been under the influence of since December 23, Saturn and Sagittarius are a strange pairing. Sag is a freedom-seeking fire sign.

Ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius can be optimistic to a fault, or it can choose to ignore or avoid the consequences of its actions. For the past few years, you might have made a commitment to learning and expanding your horizons, mentally or physically, thanks to Saturn in Sagittarius. But Saturn in Sagittarius might have also made it challenging to save money, which has a way of slipping through our fingers when fire energy is in the mix.

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Saturn in Sagittarius can also feel like someone just burst your bubble. If we were at a birthday party, Sagittarius would be the kid holding a shiny red balloon and Saturn would be the mean older sibling coming up from behind to pop it with a safety pin. The last time Saturn was in Capricorn was from November 11, until February 6, , a time of major economic recession throughout western society.

In May , Uranus will enter Taurus, ending a seven-year transit through the fiery sign of the ram.

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Be daring and allow yourself to be open to new experiences while Jupiter moves direct. Inventive Uranus goes retrograde in Taurus on Sunday, altering our perception of change. Take time to listen to that quiet voice inside you as you grow through your experiences. Work to understand yourself better as Uranus moves backward, until 10th January.

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Communication ruler Mercury enters charismatic Leo on Sunday, adding a more elevated tone to our correspondence. Take care not to let your pride overcome you while Mercury moves through Leo, as this transit can stir up its share of drama. The moon waxes into Capricorn at We start our week ready to play by the rules. Turn on your autopilot and follow procedure until Monday at 6. The moon waxes in brave Aquarius on Tuesday at Make time to be alone with your thoughts while the moon moves through this intellectual sign. Text your group chat to meet up IRL and soak up the sunshine together for a day of bliss. Take small steps on Thursday when the moon waxes full in Aquarius, opposing romantic ruler Venus at 8. Be hyper-aware of your reactions to loved ones until Thursday at 9.


The moon wanes in compassionate Pisces after Listen to your emotional instincts until Saturday at 6. Im born 10 july I've successfully sold my present house and will be moving to a new home and location by Feb My 2 kids will also be going to new schools around the same time next yr. I've also just applied for a new job and am due for an interview next week. Coincidentally the job that I applied for will only start between Jan-Feb I desperately need a better workplace. Will I be successful and will all these new changes transit smoothly?

Hi, dear, you should have more confidence about yourself. In addition, your overall would also be good in Thus don't worry. You would have a large chance to make these new changes transit smoothly.

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We have had bad luck with trying to purchase a house with multiple offers rejected. Now we put in an offer on our dream house and that fell through to.

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I'm wondering if we have a chance to get it after all a contingent offer? The prediction indicates that your wealth condition would be good this year. You still have a chance to get it.