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For Cobain, however, this same grand trine in his natal chart suggested not only the complexities of his creative genius, but also the sense that life for him would involve making compromises he would find hard to live with. Hendrix and Cobain not only have their natal Suns in Jupiter-ruled signs, but in both cases their Suns are in the early degrees of their sign.

What is mainly significant about this is the fact that their natal Suns would receive transits from planets that have just made an ingress changed sign , as we saw in the introduction to this article. Hendrix would have had transiting Pluto in Virgo square his natal Sun as well as his natal Mercury in Sagittarius and Uranus in Gemini not too long after he saw the Elvis concert, by which time he had acquired an electric guitar and started playing in his first band. Cobain had transiting Pluto trine his natal Sun conjunct his natal Mars in Scorpio not long after he saw Black Flag play live, during which time he also began playing in his first bands.

In both cases, the impact of Pluto's transit to their respective natal Suns coincided with a time when they were sparked into action, heading both of them on a course for infamy. Uranus Ingress: Cosmic Genius Earlier I demonstrated how the opposition transits of Uranus to Cobain's natal Moon coincided with Nirvana's tremendous success in As with the example of the Pluto and Neptune ingresses at the time of the Elvis and Black Flag concerts given in the introduction, the ingresses of Uranus also coincided with important stages in the lives of Hendrix and Cobain.

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For Hendrix, transiting Uranus made its first Virgo ingress it always makes two for every sign, the second following a retrograde regression back into the previous sign on November 1, , just as he arrived for parachute training in the st Airborne Division at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. But in Kentucky, he came into much closer contact with Southern blues music, immersing himself in the more obscure but genuine style of music that he would later take to a whole new level.

Once reunited with his instrument, he reportedly slept with it by his side every night in the barracks, while practicing constantly during off-hours in the day, tuning in to the influences around him. Cycles of Friendship It was also in Kentucky that Hendrix first met Billy Cox, a bass player with whom he played in several bands. Hendrix's time in Kentucky was short but critical in his growth as a musician.

He was discharged from the army after breaking his ankle on July 2, [20] a month before the second Uranus ingress into Virgo. He soon moved to Memphis, Tennessee and began playing music professionally, gradually shaping his playing technique and flair for performance — all the elements that would make him famous a few years later. Soon after he first moved to Memphis, Uranus moved up to 4 Virgo, making an exact square to Hendrix's Sagittarius Sun, coinciding with his blossoming talent as a blues guitar player. His rapid rise to fame began in the autumn of Interestingly, the original line-up of the Experience played its last concert on June 29, in Denver [22] — just after Uranus made its second ingress into Libra , beginning a whole new cycle of influence.

For Cobain, Uranus made its first ingress into Sagittarius on February 16, , just four days before he received his first guitar as a fourteenth birthday present. The next transiting Uranus sign ingress, into Capricorn now making a sextile aspect to Cobain's natal Sun , occurred on February 14, — right around the time Cobain and Novoselic first met Jonathan Poneman of Seattle's Sub Pop records. The second Uranus ingress into Capricorn happened on December 2, , shortly before Cobain and Novoselic's band — by now named "Nirvana" — recorded the tracks for their first album, Bleach , [26] with their new drummer, Chad Channing, on board.

Uranus Transits: Backward Transference Just as a new Uranus ingress coincided with major shifts in Hendrix's life, as it was with Cobain. What is different between the two men's charts, in terms of how they responded to the transit of Uranus, is the timing in regard to major success in their respective lives. Success was still five years away for Cobain at the time of this transit.

Astrology birth chart for Courtney Love

Hendrix's period of highest professional success coincided with Uranus' transit from his 10th house to his natal Ascendant, while Cobain's period of highest professional success coincided with Uranus' transit from his 5th house to his natal Moon. However, natally, Cobain had natal Uranus conjunct his Ascendant in his birth chart, while Hendrix had it opposite his natal Sun and Mercury. In other words, there appears to be a two-way transference in the nature of these transits, from light-to-angle and angle-to-light: Cobain's natal Uranus is on an angle and therefore its transit to his dominant light the Moon triggered his sudden rise to success; Hendrix has natal Uranus opposite his Sun his dominant light and Mercury, and its transit to his Ascendant by square triggered his sudden rise to success.

Since the three outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto move slowly through the zodiac, their transit conjunctions to each other are quite rare. Uranus and Pluto will make a conjunction at alternate intervals of approximately and years.


Uranus and Neptune make a conjunction approximately every years. Outer Planet Conjunctions: the Quality of an Era Hendrix and Cobain are remembered not only for their music, but also for their significance to the larger cultural context of the time. Astrologically, what is special about the mid-sixties and the early nineties is that they were the only two periods in the twentieth-century during which there were conjunctions being made by two of the three outer planets. Uranus and Pluto were conjunct in Virgo during the time Hendrix was making his initial impact in Britain in where he first became a star , and Uranus and Neptune were conjunct in Capricorn during the brief time Cobain and Nirvana was the most influential band in the world note that Cobain had natal Pluto and Uranus straddling his Ascendant.

In Hendrix's case, we have seen how transiting Uranus square to his natal Ascendant in Sagittarius coincided with the recording of his first three albums. But immediately following that time from about late to the summer of , his career hit a series of bumps. Following the disbanding of the Experience, Hendrix was struggling with pressure both ends of the racial spectrum: his management wanted him to continue to perform with the original members of the Experience both of whom were white , largely in order to maintain his interest among white audiences.

At the same time, he was personally drawn to playing with musicians including his old army buddy Billy Cox who happened to be black, and was becoming more vocal on social - particularly racial - issues, including playing various benefits and speaking out in support of the Black Panthers during interviews for teen magazines.

Just as Hendrix was a witness to Elvis Presley's popularizing of a largely black music style for a white audience during Pluto's Virgo ingress in , he was now himself aiming to reconcile racial biases as transiting Pluto squared his Ascendant. After a bit of shuffling, Hendrix eventually settled on a new Experience lineup featuring Cox and original Experience drummer Mitch Mitchell, ultimately basing his choice not strictly along racial lines, but rather on overall musical compatibility. Hendrix died - allegedly following a drug mishap - in London at approximately a.

Uranus-Neptune Conjunction: Live Through This Cobain, as is widely known, died at the same age Hendrix did 27 , from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. His body was found on his property in the Seattle area about three days after he died, at a.

Birth Chart: Courtney Love (Cancer)

Although both planets, when they had been opposite his natal Moon, had been astrological players in his whirlwind experience as a rock star see Part One , upon his demise it seemed to be those closest to him who were now receiving the fruits of their own transits. Nirvana's drummer Dave Grohl January 14, ; a.

Grohl, a talented singer-guitarist-songwriter in his own right, had transiting Neptune conjunct his natal Sun when Cobain died Uranus was still hovering around it too , marking an opportunity for him to come out from behind the drum set and have his own shot at the spotlight. The following year he released his acclaimed album Foo Fighters , [34] , while transiting Neptune was still conjunct his natal Sun, and transiting Pluto was conjunct his natal Neptune in Scorpio.

Closing Time: Return to Seattle Both Hendrix and Cobain died with transiting outer planets in the very last degrees of their tropical sign, signifying the ending of eras that their very deaths helped bring down. When Hendrix died, Neptune was at the end of Scorpio, and in less than two months would make its ingress into Sagittarius, where it would soon make a conjunction to his natal Sun.

By January of the following year, it made its ingress into Sagittarius , where it would soon make a square transit to his natal Sun in Pisces.

The fact that both men died just as transiting outer planets were set to make powerful new ingresses directed at their natal Suns connects to their respective legacies, which show no sign of waning. In both cases, the circumstances of their deaths not only contributed to their respective cults of personality, but also wild conspiracy theories that refuse to go away. As cultural figures, they represent very specific micro-eras in time when a unique sense of community emerged from popular culture.

Questioning All Things Occult, Arcane, and Mysterious

The music Hendrix and Cobain made during those brief spans of time continues to fascinate millions. Cross, Hyperion, , p. The B. Every time her mother remarried, the new stepfather would adopt her, a string of them. Her biological father is Hank Harrison, a former groupie with the Grateful Dead.

Love herself gives both and , PM on the Internet. Dennis Sutton quoted biographer Poppy Z. Melissa Adams quotes her dad for the same date and place with AM. Sy Scholfield quotes her bio by Poppy Z. Norton responded that this was "sexist, intellectually shallow and spiritually bankrupt. In the end, Courtney's achievements will speak louder than any of her critics.

Her voice, usually toneless and flat, is higher and sweeter, testimony to the new Love, bathed and perfumed. In October , after several incidents of erratic behavior, Love lost custody of the daughter she had with the rocker Kurt Cobain. On October 2, , Love reported broke into a private home and subsequently ingested a large amount of Oxycontin, a powerful painkiller.

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She was taken by ambulance to have her stomach pumped. On October 10, authorities took her year-old daughter Frances into protective custody. Love called a friend threatening suicide and that evening, was checked into a private psychiatric hospital in Pasadena, CA. The singer requested rehabilitative services instead but apparently did not complete the course of treatment. Continuing her downward spiral, on early March 18, , Love was arrested for "reckless endangerment" after she threw a microphone into the audience of a New York nightclub and injured a patron.

She had just appeared on the Dave Letterman show, where she repeatedly turned her back to the audience and flashed her breasts at the talk-show host. On July 27, in Los Angeles, she was sentenced to 18 months probation, including six months of rehab. The downward spiral seems to continue; four days earlier, she surrendered to the Los Angeles Police Department on a separate charge of assault with a deadly weapon.

The troubled performer was sentenced to six months in a lockdown rehab facility on September 16, in Los Angeles after she violated parole by taking drugs two months earlier. Link to Wikipedia biography. The B. Every time her mother remarried, the new stepfather would adopt her, a string of them. Her biological father is Hank Harrison, a former groupie with the Grateful Dead. Love herself gives both and , PM on the Internet.

Sy Scholfield quotes her bio by Poppy Z.


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