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For more information about what Solar and Lunar eclipses mean, see Lunations. See also many other lists and astrological data on the Astrology of page.

Were you born on a FULL MOON?

See also: The Astrology of — Overview. Creating a structure to empower and maintain your ideals and principles becomes a high priority, an article of faith. By taking on greater responsibilities of this kind, you become an inspiration to others. Ambition unlimited always ends in defeat. A break from the past, a willingness to flaunt convention. Saturn in Capricorn Responsibility, hard work, ambition, and achievement: these are the foundations you need to build on now, as a new cycle dawns in your life.

And yet, there is a tendency to be a little too hard, perhaps a bit cold, in your approach to these things.

Full Moon in Libra March 31, 2018 (Blue Moon) Gregory Scott Astrology

What are principles worth, unless they are put into practice? This could mean you may be disappointed by causes you believe in — but if you abandon your principles, you lose. Your March 6 new moon goals can now be fine-tuned or completed, it is harvest time.

You can make emotional adjustments in response to those new goals. The March 20 full moon lasts for two weeks up to the April 5 new moon.

This Week in Astrology

The chart below shows many close aspects that do not directly affect the full moon. They are important but still only act as a background influence to the immense power of a full moon.

It gives piety, a wide knowledge, a strong mind and spirit, educational work, and prosperity in trade and voyages. Moon quincunx Uranus creates a buildup of nervous tension that can lead to irritability, mood swings or emotional outbursts. Your sleeping or eating patterns may be disrupted. An unexpected event at home or odd behavior from a family member could make you feel insecure. Tension may also rise in a close relationship with your mother, daughter, sister, another family member or a particular woman in your life. An adjustment in this relationship is needed to correct a karmic imbalance.

You could meet someone new who is usual, eccentric or exciting in some way. Instant attraction is possible but they could also cause some disruption to your normal routine or upset existing relationships. An unexpected opportunity may also arise that could be very good for you.

Intuitive Astrology: March Full Moon 12222

However, a tendency to act impulsively means you should take some time to think about the consequences before committing to anything new. Mercury sextile Saturn brings clear thinking, good judgement to steady and calm the tension caused by Uranus. It also gives you time to properly consider the pros and cons of any new opportunities. Combined with the intellectual and financial influence of the star Markeb, this a good full moon for studies, exams and business deals.

Venus square Mars brings sexual frustration and competitive tension. This increases the impatience and irritability caused by Uranus. But Moon quincunx Uranus also brings diversions and flexibility to help you channel any anger and impulsiveness. Venus sextile Jupiter eases sexual tension with love and affection. So this is a good full moon for falling in love and mending broken relationships.

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It adds good luck and generosity to any Uranus opportunities. This aspect also increases profits from financial investments and trade. Knowing when the Moon will be in your sign can give you an advantage for planning events and activities. A printable Transiting Ingress calendar is also available under Planet Calendars in the menu to the left of this page. Check out the other online Moon Information on Moon Tracks. The Moon enters ingresses into the next zodiac sign approximately every two to three days.

It is not uncommon for the Moon to ingress all twelve signs within the month. Some months the moon will ingress into the zodiac signs fourteen times, however, the norm is thirteen ingresses per month. To adjust the times for your timezone, add or subtract the number of hours your timezone is from 0 UT. If you live in the western hemisphere mostly the Americas you would subtract the number of hours from the time shown on the table.

Most of the eastern hemisphere will add hours to the time shown in the table. This may include personalizing content and advertising. By using our site, you accept our use of cookies, revised Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Nov 1, AM. Moon enters Capricorn. Nov 3, AM.

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Moon enters Aquarius. Nov 5, PM.

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Moon enters Pisces. Nov 8, AM. Moon enters Aries. Nov 10, PM. Moon enters Taurus. Nov 13, AM.