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They correspond to the same number of constellations of stars in the sky, but the latter are not equally wide.

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In astrology and the horoscope, each zodiac sign represents a character, a tendency, which affects any celestial body therein. The planets express what happens, the Houses where it happens, the aspects why , and the zodiac signs how. Every planet moves through the zodiac signs with very differing speed , and changes character according to what sign it occupies at the moment.

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The planets are the acting forces in the horoscope, but the zodiac signs nuance and alter their character. Here are the twelve zodiac signs, with links to the webpage of each on this website: Zodiac Signs Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer. Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio.

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The essence of each aspect of astrology is captured well along with artful illustrations and photo collages on every page. The book includes a section on how to cast your own birth chart.

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Woolfolk's writing is inviting. Her writing style evokes feeling like she is sharing her notes from one friend to another.

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She includes thought-provoking insights. This book has in-depth profiles of all the sun signs , and goes further to discuss the other celestial bodies like the moon and planets. Her book is full of gems of generally accepted astrological beliefs, especially in the area of love and romance.

The book ventures into history, myth, birth chart interpretation and more, and steers clear of becoming too technical or esoteric as it gets into more complex topics. Astrology for Yourself by Douglas Block and Demetra George is an introduction to astrology and a workbook for understanding your own birth chart.

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It is for someone that is prepared to take a more contemplative approach. This book expertly guides you toward a full understanding of your birth chart. The authors taught astrology and know how to introduce the topic step-by-step. This workbook is ideal for those who are looking to develop their own interpretations.

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The basic qualities of the signs and planets are given, and the book includes a space for personal insights, as well as journal entries.